More Faroe Islands

August 22, 2009

Well, the jet lag has just about worn off, and we are enjoying a completely different way of life here in the Faroes. This is a beautiful place – quite laid back and relaxed. The people here have such an affinity for this place, and it shows. Lauri and I both noticed that as the plane was making its final approach, the passengers all came alive with excitement as the islands came into view. There was a noticeable change in the whole atmosphere in the plane from quiet boredom as we flew over the water from Copenhagen to excited anticipation as we neared the Faroe Islands airport. I can’t say I’ve ever experienced anything even close to that flying in to LAX:)

Tomorrow, the musicians arrive from Nashville. They’ll have a day on Monday to sightsee, and we all go to work on Tuesday. There are sessions scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday, then a Music Business Seminar on Thursday. Friday we rehearse for the concert, and Saturday is the performance. I’m told we are close to selling out.

I tasted whale blubber for the first time in my life…..I can honestly say that it’s doubtful I will put that on my list of favorite foods, but it was interesting. We also had some dried fish last night that was pretty good. One of the things that my kids and I enjoy a lot is that it’s OK to have a thin wafer of chocolate on your breakfast roll. Yes!


3 Responses to “More Faroe Islands”

  1. Bill Corbett Says:

    Hey Edgar and crew!

    Have a great time. Found the islands on google. The location looks really interesting.

    Regards from the H-C family

  2. Very interesting to read.

  3. Birgir Kruse Says:

    Hi Edgar – nice blog.

    Thanks for the wonderful concert and the seminar on Thursday.

    I published some pics on my blog:

    Enjoy – and stay in touch



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