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Farewell Faroes

September 6, 2009
At the studio in Torshavn

At the studio in Torshavn

With a successful recording session, a well-attended music business seminar, and two great live shows under our belts, we departed the Faroes on September 2. I haven’t had a teary goodbye in years, but the whole family was emotional when it came time to get on the plane. I can honestly say this is the best overseas trip I’ve ever made, and we all look forward to returning soon.

The Faroese people made all the difference. It was a delight to spend time in a country where life is a little slower and perhaps more enjoyed. Our kids ran free, even into the night, without worry of harm coming to them. The kids in the high school that our children visited all came out to hug them the last day we were there – even the teachers.

We were flown to Copenhagen by Olaf, senior pilot for Atlantic Airways, who was a guest in our house twenty years ago when he was receiving flight training in the states. He changed his schedule to be our pilot that day, and I got to ride the whole flight in the cockpit jump seat 🙂

After a evening poking around Copenhagen’s Tivoli amusement park and a decent sleep in a too-expensive room, we traveled for 24 hours from Copenhagen to Los Angeles without incident. We landed at 4:00, but it was 6:30 before we got home because – you guessed it – traffic was bumper-to-bumper. Welcome home…